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1 on 1 Private Music Tuition

Rates: $37 p/half $70 p/hour
Gilston & Burleigh, Gold Coast, Queensland

JJake Morton is a session drummer and record producer working from Serotonin Productions.

Drum Play Through Videos

Online Lesson Footage

Deantoni Park’s (US)

Mark Guiliana (US)
Arthur Hnatek (CH)
Chris Allison (Syd)
Brody Simpson (WA)

Donovan Lee (QLD)

Guy Cooper (Katie Noonan)

Brendan Anthony (Inxs)
Caleb James (Osaka Punch)
Anthony Lycenko (Pete Murray)

Brad Hosking (Amy Shark)

Geoff McGahan

Past Educators

Artwork: Visuals Void

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