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Creative Technologist / Music Producer / Session Drummer

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Music has taken Jake to see most of Australia and his efforts have garnered multiple award nominations.

When he's not creating or performing with friends he's often found recording at Serotonin Productions.



Good Call Live: “‘Loop Train Line’ in its entirety is a collection of songs that are not only masterful in their musicality, but in their assessment of the human condition, its response to trauma and its relationships and reliance on other people. Only sitting at 10 tracks, the record is short yet is filled with so much to unpack and analyse, that it can not be fully appreciated in just one sit down listen."

Bucket List: “The band’s clever instrumentation and vocal strength shines through again on the songs “BARRIERS” and “KISS TO KILL TIME,” both of which are reminiscent of something you might hear on an early album by The Fall of Troy. Normally, this would be the point at which I name my favourite song on the album. However, after listening to LOOP TRAIN LINE for the fourth time today, I really can’t decide on just one. If you’re this far into the review, just go and listen to the whole album. LOOP TRAIN LINE is a great album and is absolutely worth the listen. Napoleonic Wars has found a polished mathcore type of sound that they can pull off impeccably. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to give this thing another listen.” (9/10)

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