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Jake Morton & The Goose Squad

The eloquence of rappers such as Lil-Pump, MC Ride and other controversial lyricists inspired Gold Coast drummer Jake Morton to take a glamorous and short-lived break from his usual support role in various local bands to spit gold bars at the front row and concuss innocent civ’s with ingots of mumbled vocabulary. After being diagnosed with Scoliosis Jake thought, “I’m sick of carrying all this heavy stuff to shows. I just want to party with my peeps.”
Real truth.

Unqualified musicians and local hip-hop icons have described Mørtzdog5000’s “Meme Dream” as “a clear and offensive act of audio terrorism that should be publicly feared like an epidemic.”
It is a holistically solo endeavour to fill the abyss with chic décor.

You will find this ground breaking new content mysteriously audible from the pockets of your local pariah.

For the optimal listening experience Jake recommends streaming it from atop any brand name high-horse or neck-beard.


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Jake's Right Eye.gif
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